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A set of 73 Oracle Cards not available anywhere else! A collaborative effort, beautifully illustrated by Seraphina Elvenstone. Major update: share by email/Facebook, zoom, higher resolution, swipe to browse, and much more!

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Angel Heart Oracle Cards - Seraphina of Elvenstone

User Reviews

Amazing Artwork - (5 Stars) - US User Review

by IMBlackBear - Version 2.0 - 3 September 2011

XCellent deal for the money. The artwork is stunning!!! The readings are so beautiful and inspiring.

I have both oracle sets and love each one!!! Thank you for offering these masterpieces.

o - (5 Stars) - UK

by Gillybooby - Version 2.0 - 17 Jul 2011

I love these cards, they offer simple yet beautiful guidance in words. I use them daily. Lovely colourful artwork.

LOVELY - (5 Stars) - Australia

by Purpelle - Version 2.0 - 17 Apr 2011

Please add a feature so these cards can be used as wallpaper. When you take a screen shot the icons on the bottom of the cards is visible, ruins the picture. I use these cards every day without fail. Thank you.

(NB This feature is coming soon in v2.1 - Kev)

Angel cards - (5 Stars) - UK

by Rainbow Dawn - Version 2.0 - 27 Mar 2011

Out of all the cards I have down loaded these are my favourite I use them every day I just feel what ever I ask is answered I love these cards they are so beautiful : )

Beautifully Composed - (5 Stars) - UK

by Mr Rub's - Version 2.0 - 25 Mar 2011

The colourful handmade artwork cards are handsomely Angelical with very powerful, peaceful and delightful messages!!! It is such a great idea!!! : )

V good cards - (5 Stars) - Ireland

by Photoon - Version 2.0 - 17 Mar 2011

Wide variety of angels and messages, which can be a bit long but I'm still using the cards a year later. Recommend.

Lovingly crafted - (5 Stars) - US

by Heartfeltblossom -  Version 1.0 - 3 Dec 2010

Thank you so much for this magical app! The images are beautiful and heart opening. The guidance is full of grace, compassion and positive advice. Spread the Love!

Fantastic - (4 Stars) - UK

by MizzG - Version 1.0 - 12 Aug 2010

Superb artwork and clarity and lovely messages. Only drawback is the size of the text which is very small for people with failing eyesight. I downloaded the cards today and have already used them 3 times, even with friends. Well done for bringing esoteric and technology together. Super.

(NB We’ve added zoom to v2.0 to fix this - Kev)

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