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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: Does demino allow users to play off the spinner?

A: Unfortunately no, you can't have multiple branches from the spinner - this is a single player game where you only have one end of the domino chain to play on. But watch this space, as we will continue to update DEMINO with new features and are also considering some new spin off projects.

Q: My account shows I paid for it. But it won't install on my iPod touch what should I do?

A: Use the support link on iTunes to get help. Alternatively email us directly at - It could be that your iOS is less than 3.0, in which case upgrade your iOS via iTunes - but without more details we're sorry we can't help you.

Q: Relative to other 99¢ games, this one's priced too high. It would get 5 stars for 99¢.

A:  We're sorry you're disappointed with your purchase. Perhaps you should have watched the video and read the reviews before buying from iTunes - Robin Parrish of Apple Gazette says "Fans of brain-training games or dominos will find Demino the best $3 they’ve ever spent."

Q: I like your game but why is it not connected to FB?

A: At your suggestion v1.1 now lets you post your high scores to Facebook - thanks for your feedback!

Oracle Cards (Angel Heart, Angel Love Hearts & Rhetorical Oracle)

Q: Only drawback is the size of the text which is very small for people with failing eyesight

A: We are working on this issue and hope to have a new version available soon. Thanks for your feedback - UPDATE v2.0 is now fully zoomable using double tap or pinch gestures. Enjoy!

Q: There is no text on the cards. What am I doing wrong?

A: Most likely this is a memory problem with your device. Try resetting your device by holding the power button until you see the Slide To Power Off screen and slide the slider. Once powered off, hold the power button again until you see the Apple symbol to power on. Then run the app again.