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“I bring to you in love and light

A most unusual oracle.

With artwork to enhance your sight

And rhymes that are rhetorical.

My pictures really do connect,

But some may leave you blinking

Find the link, and you'll be correct

Just try some lateral thinking.

This oracle is my invitation

And when you just believe

It stimulates imagination

Of the joy you can receive.

I hope you like my simple rhymes

And know that I am sending

My love to you in changing times

With the hope of a happy ending.”


101 card deck with original artwork and insightful poetry by Seraphina Elvenstone (LITE has just 8 cards)

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Use everyday for maximum effect

For entertainment purposes only

Rhetorical Oracle Cards - Seraphina Elvenstone (Now with 101 cards!)

Rhetorical LITE Oracle Cards - Seraphina Elvenstone (FREE includes 8 of the 101 Cards)